Get to know Summit Micro School better.

From our day to day experiences to our thoughts on education.

Our New Name: Summit Micro School

At the start of the 2018/2019 school year, High Park Day School officially became Summit Micro School! Although our 'HPDS' moniker had been endearing to us for the last 7 years, we came to realize that it did not effectively represent who we truly are or...

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Seeing the Benefits of Change

The new school year has arrived, and with it, comes some form of change for everyone. For our community, identifying as 'Summit Micro School' is a big change we will all take on together!  In light of that, I wanted to share a excerpt from the graduation speech on the...

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Mindfulness Matters for Student Success

Incorporating 'mindfulness' practices into classroom activities is not a new concept. A quick Google search of "benefits of mindfulness for kids" gives you over a million hits. The research is clear - mindfulness practice helps to reduce anxiety, improve...

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Suubi Fusion Troupe visits HPDS

As a part of our Diversity Unit, HPDS will be welcoming the Suubi Fusion Troupe from Uganda on Wednesday, April 12th. The troupe, who are students at Cambridge Secondary School, travel to North America each year to share their culture and perspectives...

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