Meaningful field-learning experiences are important element of Project-Based work at Summit and our ‘micro’ size often lends itself to many unique learning opportunities we can find in this great city!  Our most recent trip to Flash was no exception! This was the perfect trip to end our “Oology” Book project from our last unit, and to start our next project unit in which the students will be writing stories from the future about water.

Located close by in Etobicoke, Flash Productions was just a TTC ride away, and the perfect opportunity to learn how books are professionally bound. Not only did they get the “behind the scenes” tour of the facility to see the process of how it’s done, but they even got to create and bind their own books too! And wouldn’t you know that they happen to make perfect field/science journals which students will need for exploring our parks and river systems over the next few weeks? So cool!

Reported highlights were the “guillotine” machine used to crop the books, and of course getting in on the action to bind their books. Oh…and they got cookies! (Thanks, Steve! J ) One student was even heard saying that he had, and I quote, “a new appreciation for books.” Music to the ears of this educator!

That’s another great field trip “in the books” (ha ha) for Summit students! Thanks to Steve Frattaroli and all of the team at Flash Productions for taking the time and sharing their expertise to connect learning to real life.