The world is constantly changing. 

Your child deserves a nimble, modern education.

An elementary education that fosters innovation and creativity prepares children to adapt to any situation and provides them with a strong foundation to meet life head-on wherever it takes them.

At the heart of our school, you will find what every parent wants for their child;

  • a progressive curriculum that provides both a solid foundation of fundamental skills and fosters 21st Century success skills
  • a commitment to technology and innovation that provides students with the basis to develop sophisticated computational skills and gives them the upper-hand in our technological world
  • a caring environment of community and citizenship where children come first and are supported to be their best

From Kindergarten to Grade 8, SMS prepares students for a future in a collaborative, technical and global marketplace.

Top 10 Reasons Parents Love Summit Micro School:

  1. Personalized Learning
  2. Passionate Teachers
  3. Mixed-Age Classes
  4. Innovative
  5. Critical Thinking
  6. Small Class Sizes
  7. Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking
  8. Experiential Learning
  9. Project-Based Learning
  10. Close-knit Community

Top 10 Things Summit Micro School is NOT:

  1. Desks in rows
  2. Teaching to the test
  3. One-size-fits-all
  4. Comply and Conform
  5. Huge classes
  6. Outdated curriculum
  7. Worksheets
  8. Factory schooling
  9. Standardized tests
  10. An institution

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Welcome, Murray!

Welcome, Murray!

You may know that therapy dogs can help to reduce anxiety and calm dysregulated emotions, but did you know that they can also help kids to read? Meet Murray! Our furry friend spends every Friday with us helping to make our school feel even more like a home. Like a...

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Our New Name: Summit Micro School

Our New Name: Summit Micro School

At the start of the 2018/2019 school year, High Park Day School officially became Summit Micro School! Although our 'HPDS' moniker had been endearing to us for the last 7 years, we came to realize that it did not effectively represent who we truly are or...

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In The Media

How Smaller Schools Set The Stage For Innovation

Summit’s small student body means having the capacity to meet the different needs of every child and their parents’ hectic lives, whether its facilitating communication that accommodates a parent’s busy schedule or nurturing a community spirit that she observes many families lack and actively seek — Juliette Baxter

6 Unique Canadian Schools That Embrace The Different Ways Kids Learn

From the farm and forest to real-world experience, these aren’t your average classrooms. — Natalie Stechyson

Summit Micro School listed as one of the Top 100 Innovative Schools Worldwide.

In the spring of 2018, prior to rebranding as Summit Micro School, HPDS was chosen by Cambridge University as one of the 100 most innovative schools worldwide. We were invited to participate in their prestigious CAMBRIDGE STRATEGIES: INNOVATION 800 publication, an informative digital publication telling the story of eight centuries of innovative thinking.