Summit Micro School is pleased to offer Reggio Emilia inspired Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1!

Establishing a positive experience and love of learning.

We know that a positive experience in the first years of a child’s education are critical to establish a love of learning and future success as a student. Our Primary Program provides small classes in a nurturing environment to foster the development of the whole child and support inquiry and exploration.


Our programs are child-driven and inquiry-based. 

Guided and inspired by the Reggio Emilia approachwe focus on fostering self-esteem and self-respect, because we understand that these traits set the stage for a lifetime of confidence, kindness and empathy. Reggio Emilia programs aim to develop curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving skills through the liberal use of “projects”. Teachers frame children’s interests based on an emergent project-based curriculum that emphasizes collaboration, reflection, and dialogue. These projects may be geared to an individual student, a small group of students, or the class as a whole. Projects can last from a few days to the whole year and incorporate art and other different forms of media as part of the children’s many “languages”. Teachers actively participate in projects alongside students, rather than sitting back and observing. A high degree of parent involvement is also encouraged, particularly when forming curriculums and project plans which happens throughout the academic year.


  • Small Classes (1:6)
  • Nurturing Environment
  • Academic Rigour
  • Caring Teachers
  • Development of the Whole Child
  • Experiential and Inquiry Learning

Reggio Emilia Pattern Project with our Kindergarten Students

Reggio Emilia programs foster inquiry and curiosity through exploration and play. Watch how a provocation about patterns develops into rich learning experiences and exciting project for our JK and SK students.


Top 10 Reasons Parents Love Summit Micro School:

  1. Teaching to your child’s potential
  2. Passionate Teachers
  3. Mixed-Age Classes
  4. Innovative
  5. Critical Thinking
  6. Small Class Sizes
  7. Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking
  8. Experiential Learning
  9. Project-Based Learning
  10. Close-knit Community



Top 10 Things Summit Micro School is NOT:

  1. Desks in rows
  2. Teaching to the test
  3. One-size-fits-all
  4. Comply and Conform
  5. Huge classes
  6. Outdated curriculum
  7. Worksheets
  8. Factory schooling
  9. Standardized tests
  10. An institution